You might watch this video and consider adopting a monkey; however, experts do not recommend it!

As far as this little fella is concerned, a little monkey business goes a long way. Watch how this monkey reacts when he is not allowed to go on a bike ride with his friend, but not before understanding the repercussions of bringing one home, just in case you are tempted!

©Facebook Video Screenshot | Fouad Karroum

A Facebook video has garnered over 54 million views after a little monkey threw a tantrum because it was not allowed to sit on a bike.

©Facebook Video Screenshot | Fouad Karroum

When you see a cute little monkey such as this, you may be tempted to keep one as a pet. But just remember, they are expensive to look after, live a long time, are very intelligent, and need lots of space.

“They urinate on everything to mark their territory and smell terribly; they need constant care and easily cost thousands of pounds every year to keep. People have this idea that they can touch and cuddle them but I never touch mine as they’re not tame. If I did, I’d expect to be bitten. Even with my most relaxed animal, I wouldn’t dream of it as it would stress him out too much. It’s such a selfish thing to have them as pets. Get a dog or have a baby—just don’t get a monkey!” said a primatologist who goes by the name of Laura, reports The Guardian.

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In some countries, keeping a monkey as a pet is banned, and they thrive much better in their natural habitat. And they can deliver a nasty bite! Just keep that longing to own a monkey a dream, and enjoy seeing them get up to tricks in movies or videos.

These big-eyed furry babies seem very cute, but often become aggressive when they reach sexual maturity.

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“If you try to keep them as pets you’re creating a mentally disturbed animal in 99.9 percent of the cases,” said Wright, director of Conservation, Science and Sanctuary at Phoenix zoo, Arizona. “The animal will never be able to fit in any other home. Never learn how to get along with other monkeys. And, more often than not, will end up with a lot of behavioral traits that are self-destructive.”

On a lighter note, here are two videos uploaded by Fouad Karroum that went viral of a monkey who doesn’t like being left out when his owner wants to do something.

Watch the video below!