Oprah’s makeover team turns ‘Super Mario’ husband into Hollywood heartthrob—wife is astonished

American fashion expert Carson Kressley took on the challenging task to transform this shabbily dressed couple. And the result … a dapper-looking character straight out of Hollywood, along with his wife, who took on a new chic look. Remarkably, they looked just like a celebrity couple after the makeover.

Becky and her husband, Darren, have been married for more than 20 years. She was told multiple times that Darren resembled the famous actor Tom Selleck.

©YouTube Screenshot | OWN

However, Darren, whose wardrobe consisted of tons of T-shirts, a vast collection of baseball cap, jeans with stains and holes, dressed nothing like a typical Hollywood star.

“I’m positive that Tom Selleck doesn’t dress like this,” Becky revealed to The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Owing to Darren’s moustache, overalls, and liking for baseball caps, Becky started thinking “he is resembling Mario from Mario Brothers.”

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Darren had no problems going to work with his stained, holey jeans either, because he worked in the construction industry.

In fact, Becky wasn’t pleased with her own dress style either. As a nurse, her daily uniform was none other than scrubs and slippers.

©YouTube Screenshot | OWN
©YouTube Screenshot | OWN

She had a habit of slipping into her furry slippers at home and everywhere she went—from running errands to doing the grocery shopping.

“I wear them everywhere,” she said.

Becky wanted Darren to look less like the funny-looking Super Mario character from the Nintendo video game, and wrote to Oprah Winfrey, asking for help.

Oprah enlisted the expertise of style guru Carson Kressley for this challenging task—to transform both Becky and Darren.

Could Carson and his team solve this couple’s fashion woes?

Yes, they did!

When Darren and Becky walked onto the stage after their very own makeovers, they were astonished by each other’s new look.

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Like waving a magic wand, Carson successfully turned Super Mario into a handsome gentleman.

Clad was looking dashing in a brown cashmere sport coat and black turtleneck. With his new aristocratic mien, he could easily pose as a Hollywood heartthrob.

“You don’t have to put on a shirt and a tie and go through all that trouble,” Carson said. “You can pop on this black turtleneck.”

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And Becky looked every inch the chic French woman. Donning a blue leopard dress, a belt to accentuate her slim waist, and a black leather jacket, she was looking gorgeous.

Carson chose black opaque hose and black boots for Becky to make her appear 4 inches taller.

“She’s petite,” Carson said. “It gives her a little extra length.”

©YouTube Screenshot | OWN
©YouTube Screenshot | OWN

Check out the couple’s stunning transformations in the clip below:

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