Owner gets on knees, takes kitty’s bowl and pretends to eat, but she immediately takes it back

In a way, having pets in the home is pretty much like having kids. You are responsible for their well-being—and, of course, you are also responsible for the mess they make!

People often like to have their pets (needless to say their kids too) follow a certain routine and behave in a particular manner so that everybody else in the home can have a “peaceful” co-existence. Cats and dogs have always been admired as pets, but sometimes their stubborn behavior gives rise to comical situations.

One video that’s been hugely popular involves an owner of a cat trying to manipulate his pet into eating its food. The response of the cat to the owner’s attempts is hilarious, to say the least.

In the video, the owner sets the food out for the cat, but the cat doesn’t look interested. This is a very common situation most pet owners experience at some point. The same situation arises for parents who are trying to feed their toddlers.

At this point, it’s not about forcing the cat (or toddler) to do something it doesn’t want, but rather to trick it into believing that it’s actually something interesting to do.

One of the ways to spike interest in an activity is to show how interested YOU are. This is exactly what the owner does.

The owner gets down on hands and knees and pulls the bowl of cat food to his side, away from the cat. He then bows his head down to the bowl and pretends to eat the food.

Seeing this, the cat gets the idea that there is actually some demand for this, and it immediately pulls the bowl back to its side and starts eating it.

The owner pulls the bowl back, and the cat responds in the same way.

The simple but funny video has gone viral getting laughs and comments from netizens.

Watch the video below:

Photo Credit: Video Screenshot | Rumble.

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