Patron posts Tennessee bartender’s act of kindness on social media and it spread like wildfire

One Tennessee bartender’s kind act is going viral after he generously offered a homeless man some food on the house.

What can you get for $2 after tax? Maybe a small bag of chips, or a fun-sized candy bar or two from the local gas station. But getting a juicy burger and a full order of onion rings for only $2 is unheard of unless you’re lucky enough to chance upon a kindhearted Memphis, Tennessee, bartender.

It was a normal day at Huey’s, a popular Tennessee restaurant, for bartender Tucker Beck until he saw a visibly hungry homeless man come into the bar. Tucker watched the man lean over and ask the woman sitting next to him if she could spare a couple of dollars.

Tucker asks the unkempt stranger, “What can I get you, man?” The homeless man asked what he could get for $2, to which Tucker replied: “Well, what would you like?”

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Without any second thought, the gracious bartender put in an order for a burger, onion rings, and a glass of water, and he didn’t take the man’s money.

“He was just grinning from ear to ear,” Tucker recalled. One patron, Dawn Wilt, took notice of Tucker’s kind act and the man’s Cheshire grin, which prompted her to snap a photo and post it on Facebook, praising Tucker for making “[her] heart smile.”

Tucker didn’t do any of this for glory or recognition, but he hopes that other people can take this story of kindness and pass it on.

The world could certainly use more people like Tucker Beck.

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