Personal trainer intentionally gains 70 pounds. But his goal is to inspire overweight client

This personal trainer from Brooklyn did something amazing to help his client lose weight. By gaining 70 pounds himself, he and his client, an overweight woman who didn’t think she had the will to change, would shed the bulk together on a journey of perseverance and self-betterment.

When personal trainer Adonis Hill, from Brooklyn, met his client Alissa Kane for the first time, she was skeptical of her own ability to lose the weight. However, Hill’s method of helping Kane forced her to commit to his program—as Hill made the commitment of gaining 70 pounds (approx. 32 kg), so too would she have to commit equally to his regimen; and he would be right by her side, fighting off the pounds—they were in this together now!

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Hill joined the A&E program “Fit to Fat to Fit” and set a goal of gaining 70 pounds in four months. He started eating 6,000 to 7,000 calories every day and stopped exercising completely. In the morning, he started with coffee, with lots of cream, and donuts for breakfast. During the day, it was pizza and hot dogs for lunch, plus snacks. And then it was McDonald’s for dinner every night. He gained 69 pounds in a little over three months.

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At this point, however, he was forced to stop gaining weight as doctors warned him that his blood pressure was dangerously high owing to his unhealthy diet and rapid weight gain. “Being diagnosed with high blood pressure allowed me to realize how serious being overweight is,” said Hill.

Having fulfilled the first part of the bargain, it came time for Hill to meet his client. Kane was shocked and overwhelmed seeing her once-fit personal trainer turned chunky in just a few months.

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He’d proven to her that they were in it together, so she would have to uphold her end of the bargain by making a commitment, taking the pain, and putting in the work.

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However, losing weight again was harder than Hill had imagined, despite that he had successfully shed 100 pounds (approx. 45 kg) six years prior, as he himself once had an addiction to food.

“I was putting in a lot of work in the gym, but eating right was hard this time because I was coming off an old addiction. I had to wean myself off unhealthy food,” he told BuzzFeed.

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Then, on the day Hill said Kane made her break through, he told her, “You did really great, how do you feel about us working out together? Do you feel like we’re in this together now?”

“Yeah I do,” she said. “I want us both to succeed, but I also like that we’re both right here, right now. Otherwise, how would you know what I’m feeling?”

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He started a high-fat, high-protein, low-carbohydrates diet geared for weight loss and stopped eating junk food, except a few treats sometimes. Four months later, both Hill and Kane hit their goals; Hill lost 57 pounds and Kane 58 pounds (approx. 26 kg)!

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Now much more confident, Kane is ready to take on the world. “The next chapter in losing another 50 pounds,” began Kane, “is just keep chipping away at this weight-loss goal.”

After the project, Hill resumed his personal-trainer lifestyle—working out like crazy and watching his health. “It’s so much deeper than lifting weights,” he said. “It’s where I get my sanity from.”

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