Pilot takes selfies hanging out jet window in mid-flight—mad selfie taker or mad Photoshop skills?

A pilot posted a bunch of selfies of himself hanging out the window of a jet airplane cockpit (while in mid-flight!) looking as cool as if he were picking daisies on a balmy summer’s day. Either this guy’s mad about selfies or he’s got mad Photoshop skills—you be the judge!

You just know something is fishy by the way his hair and sunglasses hold in place, not to mention the suction that ought to gut the cockpit interior (including all crew), but somehow doesn’t.

These pictures include a pose of him leaning out with Palm Islands in Dubai in the background, and another one has him giving thumbs-up far above Manhattan.

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Many Internet users were convinced the photos were real. One person commented: “Wow… did that not scare you?”

Others were concerned about his safety, asking: “Why do you act so dangerous? You might risk falling off and endangering all the passengers!”

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Still more netizens were outraged by his reckless endangerment: “What the hell is wrong with you?” wrote one.

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But not everyone was duped by this guy’s awesome photo doctoring; several people detected signs that the photos were false, such as the pilot’s immaculate hair, which should’ve been going crazy at aircraft speeds. One observant netizen noticed the reflection of the tarmac in the pilot’s aviator sunglasses (Well done! We didn’t even see that one).

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What’s more, an aviation expert explained why the photos were fake on the forum Flyertalk, writing: “Ship ascending northbound from nowhere. Direction of shade not matching those of houses. Winglet color (inward) not matching Fly Dubai scheme.”

A comment from netizen @latelyisunday also added: “This can’t be real? Don’t your company have policies about this kind of stuff? It just looks dangerous.”

While the ongoing debate raged on as to whether the photos were true or false, the “pilot” eventually gave it up in a recent post that they were false.

“I have to let you know that this photo is fake guys, just in case,” he wrote in one post. “Photoshop mode ON,” he said in another.