Mom wakes up one night to find door open and toddler gone. 2 sets of footprints lead into woods

When this Mississippi mother woke up suddenly one night, she knew something was wrong. That’s when she noticed the door was open, while her little toddler was nowhere to be found.

Two-year-old William Odom from Saucier, Mississippi, went missing from his rural home in early October. When his mom, Chelsea Noble, realized he was gone, she quickly called the authorities.

Soon, a search operation was launched in a wooded area nearby. Harrison County Sheriff Troy Peterson told the media, “According to the mother, she woke up and found the door wide open and him gone.”

The authorities managed to identify William’s footprints as well as a second set of tracks—the boy was not alone, as it seemed the family’s dog, Jezebel, was with him. “Every time we found his footprint, we found the dog footprint right beside him. So the dog traveled with him all day,” Peterson said.

The boy was located a quarter mile away from home when he started honking the horn of a truck. A boy named Blake Carroll heard the honking and realized it was coming from his uncle’s property. He found William along with his dog. Blake then called for his uncle, and then he called the police.

“When the little boy was found the dog was still circling the truck and scratching on the truck,” Peterson said.

Noble said, “Ever since she was a puppy, they’ve been really close. He loves feeding her. He loves helping bathe her. That’s his dog. After this, I believe there’s no changing that part. She saved my baby. Her and that little boy saved his life.”

“He probably walked three or four miles through the woods, and his dog stayed right by his side until he got in the car,” Peterson said.

Fortunately, William was uninjured, while Noble was charged with a misdemeanor for neglecting to properly supervise her son.