Pregnant wife plans to move after husband left until local radio station donates $10,000 & more

This woman’s husband abandoned her when she was pregnant, leaving her to pay off their mortgage by herself, and raise their child on her own. At this distressing point in her life, she tearfully received some much-needed help from a “giveback” program on an Australian radio station after her friend tried her luck at nominating her.

Amanda, from Sydney, Australia, had been trying to conceive for three years, and finally, she and her husband received great news—they were going to be parents. In the same year, they moved to their newly purchased house for which they had spent two years saving up for.

Just when everything was going so well, Amanda received some shocking news from her husband—he was leaving her.

Amanda was left alone without a source of income, a huge mortgage, and a baby coming. It was a very difficult moment in her life.

Fortunately, Amanda’s friend, Anna, had an idea and submitted Amanda’s candidature for a “giveback” program with radio station KIIS 1065.

Amanda was chosen for the lucky giveback, and arrived at the studio together with Anna. Producers Kyle and Jackie O announced in the segment uploaded to YouTube, “When we heard about Amanda’s story, we had to give her a Giveback she would never forget.”

When Amanda was seated, she was asked to take a look at the television screen behind her. Recognizing it was her house straight away, she let out a grin.

The radio show’s camera crew then walked into Amanda’s home, whilst Jackie explained that they’d organized cleaners to go through her house to give it a thorough cleaning.

As the camera crew walked into the kitchen, the refrigerator gets opened, and we see lots of healthy-looking food presented inside.

“You’re going to be supplied with Eat Fit Food. Every day, they’ll be delivering your meals for the next three months. So, all the groceries are taken care of, you don’t have to worry about that,” says Jackie.

Moving on, what next appears on the TV screen is AU$4,000 (approx. US$3,115) worth of baby gifts sitting there in Amanda’s home. Jackie says that the brand, Baby Village, had even chucked in a AU$1,000 (approx. US$779) baby photography voucher.

But, the most amazing surprise comes next—it’s in the oven … and it’s not the tea towel, as Kyle joked.

The oven gets opened, and Kyle asks, “What’s that there, Jackie?”

“That is a big wad of cash,” says Jackie.

In fact, a wad of AU$10,000 (approx. US$7,787) was neatly bundled inside, causing Amanda to tear up in the studio.

“Ten grand for the mortgage,” says Kyle. “So, there’s another stress taken away.”

“I can’t tell you how much that means…,” says a very emotional Amanda. “That means I don’t have to move now.”

“You don’t have to move, you can stay there,” says Kyle.

“Yeah…,” sobs Amanda.

“Wouldn’t kill you to move that mattress out of the hallway though,” adds Kyle, causing a burst of laughter in the studio.

Despite the traumatic experience Amanda has been going through—which is by no means over—the generosity of those companies who’ve pitched in together to be a part of KIIS 1065’s “giveback” program can at least make life a little better for Amanda.

Watch Amanda in the studio here:

Photo credit: YouTube Screenshot | KIIS 1065.

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