Parents dial 911 when baby stops breathing—after arriving at scene, cops see infant’s ‘gone’

When a set of new parents in Uxbridge, Massachusetts, realized their infant daughter had stopped breathing, their frantic reactions almost ended in disaster. Due to the quick thinking of the town’s police force, though, everything ended well—and just in time for Christmas.

The Uxbridge police force received a terrifying call just a few weeks before the holidays, with a terrified family informing the officers that their baby girl, believed by the police force to be still just a few weeks old, wasn’t breathing.

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The officers rushed to the residence in hopes that they’d get there in time, but were met with even worse news—in their panic, the mother and grandmother had left in the car in an attempt to get the baby girl to a fire department.

That’s where the officers saw some quick thinking save a life.

The car mom and grandma had taken off in was described via police dispatcher, and officers Wiliam Ethier and Kyle Tripp raced off to find the car and try to help out.

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Before long, they caught up, pulling the mom and grandmother over to the side of the road.

Immediately, the grandmother handed the baby to Officer Tripp out through the window, where he saw that the struggle to breathe was still very much an issue. There was a bit of drool and formula around the baby’s lips, but no air seemed to be getting in or out.

With Officer Ethier behind him for support, Tripp immediately began trying to clear the airway, delivering light hits to the infant’s back in an attempt to dislodge whatever was blocking off the air supply.

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It was a terrifying few moments—especially for Officer Ethier, who is set to become a father for the first time in just a few months—but eventually, something was dislodged with the thrusts.

They took a few moments to observe and make sure nothing worse had happened, while the ambulance that had been on the way to the family’s home met them on the road to deliver some additional oxygen support. Before long, though, the baby was able to return home safe and sound, no real worse for the wear.

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It couldn’t have been an easy situation for the officers, who had to put aside their fear for the baby in order to think clearly and save her life. But because they were able to do so—and do so in such a rapid manner—all ended well, leaving the parents with their new daughter perfectly healthy and content for her first holiday season.

Watch the video below:

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