Red Sox’s Mookie Betts spotted feeding Boston’s homeless at 1:45am

Hours after the Red Sox defeated the Dodgers in a 4-2 victory at Fenway in Boston on Oct. 25, Red Sox outfielder Mookie Betts was spotted distributing food to the homeless in the middle of the night, when most of us are asleep.

Betts and his cousin, both in hoodies, had loaded up a shopping trolley with about 10 trays full of steak and chicken, and were on a mission to feed Boston’s homeless, who had lined up outside the Boston Public Library to receive a hot meal at 1:45 a.m.

The quiet act of kindness would’ve gone unnoticed if it wasn’t for Mike Winter, a VIP host, who snapped a photo of the heartwarming scene.

“I didn’t know who they were at first. They had hoodies on,” Winter said, reports WEEI Radio. “Next thing I know they are laying out trays of food. Then they’re walking around all of Boston library where there are tons of homeless and telling people there is food around the corner.

“I walked up and I said, ‘Hello,’ because we have a mutual friend and then all the people from the club came out and he just walked away. No pictures. No nothing.”

Although nobody seemed to notice they were being served by a professional baseball player, the homeless folk were grateful for the kindness they were treated to.

“He wasn’t out looking for any recognition all. A lot of people are looking for a pat on the back and he wasn’t looking for that whatsoever. He was incognito just trying to do good.”

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Mookie Betts not only performs well on field, but off field too. In fact, he performed spectacularly in this exceptional display of humanity.

Real victory comes from winning hearts through kind acts like these, and Betts, together with his cousin, certainly hit a home run to feel good about that night.

Watch the video below:


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