‘Rocker’ gets makeover weeks before wedding—when fiancée sees his new look, she’s awestruck

Makeovers aren’t just for women, as a recent guest to the Rachael Ray Show recently found out—and when you see the amazing images showing his transformation below, you may be pretty impressed with how different he looks.

Dan is still rocking the same haircut that he had when he was young, and unfortunately, it hasn’t aged as well as he has. The hairdo may have rocked back in the day, but it has long since ceased to do him any favors.

Is it an attachment to the past that is keeping Dan tied to this shaggy, unflattering hairstyle? It turns out that Dan has concerns about the shape of his head, admitting that he doesn’t think that another haircut would look good on him.

Not only was Dan suffering from a bad hairstyle, but Rachael announces to the crowd that he’s due to get married to the love of his life, Maria, in a few weeks. Luckily, the “Flip a Look” segment and the team from the show were there to help him out!

With Maria watching, the stylist confirms to Rachael that Dan is “fully flipped.” When the former rocker walks out the doors, the transformation is incredible.

The rocker’s mullet has been replaced with a look that has caught up to modern times. Dan looks amazing in a fitted suit that is as streamlined as his haircut, and Maria agrees, saying she loves how she can see his “gorgeous eyes.”

Not only does Dan love the look, but the audience does as well! The stylist also explains the importance of wearing properly fitted and tailored clothing for a structured look.

This transformation is truly incredible, but that’s not the only surprise the show has in store—Rachael tells the couple that the show is sending them on their honeymoon!

With a new look and a Bahamas honeymoon for six days and seven nights with a round-trip airfare to take home, Dan is ready to get married to Maria. How surprised were you when you saw this former rocker’s flipped look?

Watch the makeover below:

Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot | Rachael Ray.

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