Selfless ATM security guard runs free classes on pavement for slum kids

What makes a person a hero?

The former Indian cricket superstar VVS Laxman praised a retired army personnel from Dehradun, India, as a hero for the sacrifices he has made for the sake of the slum kids.

Laxman spread the word about Brijendra Singh’s selfless service on Twitter.

During the day, Brijendra would turn up for work as a security guard at the Allahabad Bank ATM in Majra, Dehradun, Uttarakhand.

As evening fell, he would transform into an educator, teaching around 24 underprivileged kids from nearby slums at the pavement outside the ATM where he works. Many of these children are beggars and child laborers.

Besides teaching the children academic knowledge, he would also pass on to them the value of discipline.

Despite having a day job, Brijendra has been serving these disadvantaged children for more than 16 years, every day, without fail.

Brijendra was galvanized into teaching slum children when he came across slum children searching for food in a garbage dump while visiting Amritsar, a city in the northwestern Indian state of Punjab.

“It broke my heart to see them. I decided then that I must do something which can help these children have a better future,” Brijendra said, according to The Success Story.

“No rag-picker child in Dehradun is deprived of education. I believe that there are about 40 percent of the children in the city who are not studying. But I will soon get them to read and write,” he added.

So, Brijendra started educating the slum kids right after his retirement from the Indian army.

Laxman tweeted, “Having retired from the army, he still continues to serve the nation, he teaches children from nearby slums in the evenings under the ATM lights. Salute to an incredible man.”

Blast from the Past

تم النشر بواسطة ‏‎VVS Laxman‎‏ في الإثنين، ١٩ مارس ٢٠١٨

Laxman’s tweet has gone viral, racking up over 24,000 reactions, with many applauding Brijendra for his noble cause.

“Brijendra has served the nation well during his army days and now he is doing extremely valuable social work by helping the youngsters along,” one person wrote. “Fantastic!”

Another commented,

“These are true GEMS OF OUR COUNTRY,” another opined.

In fact, this isn’t the first time Brijendra’s story has gone viral. His selfless work was earlier brought in the spotlight in 2016.

Without the shadow of a doubt, Brijendra will continue his duty to teach the slum children for a long time.

“I feel that these are my own children and I am responsible for them,” Brijendra said. “It gives me joy and peace to help them. That is my greatest reward.”

We salute Brijendra for his philanthropic efforts to give the underprivileged children the gift of education. He is truly a hero worthy of our admiration and an inspiration to us all!


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