Selfless man pays for pensioner’s coffee after watching struggle with remaining change

When tradesman Dave Love was standing in line at a local McDonald’s and noticed that the elderly gentleman in front of him was having trouble paying for his coffee, the kindhearted good Samaritan didn’t think twice about stepping in.

The older man had been standing at the counter, struggling to count out change to make sure he had enough for the coffee.

Quickly, Love stepped up to the counter with him, pulling out his card and telling the cashier that he’d be paying for both his order and the pensioner’s. After speaking with the man a bit and accepting his thanks, he went a step further, pulling out $20 to hand over to help tide him over.

Love didn’t make a huge deal about it, but the story caught fire when his partner, who stood to the side while everything went down, secretly filmed it and shared it on social media.

“Your true character is revealed when nobody’s watching,” she wrote, alongside the video.

Calling her partner’s act an incredible act of kindness, she revealed that he hadn’t asked her to make it public—it had truly been something done without a thought of what others were thinking.

STOP SCROLLING, this WILL make your day, I was in tears ? This man melts my heart ? I had no idea what he was up to as he ordered his morning coffee but quickly realised and couldn’t not video this incredible act of kindness. ? Your true character is revealed when nobody’s watching Oh and you wouldn’t believe it, his surname is LOVE ?He bought this old mans coffee, breakfast and gave him $20 ??Oh and I told him I wasn’t videoing as he would’ve made me turn it off ?‍♀️ #caughtintheact#payitforward #heartofgold #workhardtogivemore #domorehavemoregivemore #actofkindness #teamlove

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“I told him I wasn’t videoing as he would’ve made me turn it off,” she added.

The older man called Love a “gentleman” for his act, but Love’s explanation of the situation to his partner truly highlights how instinctual it was for him to step in like that.

“He’s standing there with a whole heap of change… he’s a pensioner and he’s old, so I paid for his meal and I gave him 20 dollars. It is what it is honey, it’s life,” he explained, when she asked him what he’d been doing.

Hopefully, that little act helped the older man get through the week just a bit easier!


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