Siblings witness car crash into ditch and leap into action

The average car in the United States weighs around 4,000 pounds (approx. 1,814 kg), far more than most people are capable of lifting. For brother Aaron Allen and his sister Jolisa Jones, though, the weight was nothing compared to their desperation to save a young family of three when their vehicle overturned in a water-filled ditch, though.

Allen and Jones had been on a delivery run for Ashley Furniture north of Tampa, Florida, when they witnessed a terrifying hit-and-run.

A white Chrysler side-swiped a Toyota Rav4 on the road, causing the compact SUV to roll over into the ditch.

The siblings rushed over to the vehicle and tried to break the windows to help the family, but were unable to. And when they saw the water starting to seep in,  they knew they didn’t have another choice—and instead worked together to flip the car over before Allen punched through the glass to rescue the family.

In the aftermath, Allen told the media that he thought of his own young infant at home when he saw the 11-day-old baby in the backseat of the Rav4.

“There was actually a mother, a father, and an 11-day-old baby inside,” Allen recalled. “I just immediately thought about my daughter and what I would do if I were in that situation.”

The car that side-swiped the SUV fled the scene, and the Highway Patrol are still on the hunt for those who caused the nearly fatal situation.

Despite torn tendons in his arm from the broken glass for Allen and finger injuries for Jones, though, the pair insist that it was a no-brainer to save the family’s life.

“If I was in that situation, I would want someone to come to my rescue, honestly. I would want someone to help me,” said Allen.

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