Lady offers to be surrogate for infertile sister—but after visiting clinic, unthinkable happens

Annie was infertile for many years, so her sister decided to help in one way she knew she could—to be a surrogate for them. Later, the doctors revealed news that both sisters could not have imagined.

Annie and Joby Johnston wanted to have a family. They tried for five years, but Annie was unable to get pregnant—not even a positive pregnancy test. In 2013, when they were about to give up hope, Annie’s sister Chrissy stepped forward.

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Chrissy volunteered to be Annie’s surrogate. Annie and Joby were thrilled as it meant a chance to finally have a child of their own.

On the day Chrissy was implanted with embryos, Annie was there too. A last-minute decision was made that day to implant Annie as well.

“Then we decided to just try me, just why not,” Annie shared. “See what happens.”

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As fortune would have it, Chrissy became pregnant with twins! The whole family was overjoyed and felt blessed by the news. Annie and Joby would have been content with one child, and now they were going to have two babies.

But the Johnstons’ good news didn’t end there; as it turns out, Annie soon learned that she was pregnant too—also with twins!

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The ultrasound would later reveal Annie to be carrying girls, and Chrissy was carrying boys.

For the next nine months, the sisters were able to enjoy every moment of the pregnancies with each other. The boys arrived first and the girls followed, and both Annie and Joby welcomed four healthy babies into this world. They named the two sets of twins Charles, Thomas, Grace, and Hadley.

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“I still look at these babies and I think of the journey that we’ve all been on, it’s amazing,” Chrissy said while cradling a sleeping Thomas in her arms.

“She’s going to be the best aunt these four kids could have,” Joby said. “They are lucky to have her.”

The odds of Annie having twins at the same time as her sister were slim, having suffered infertility all those years, though the implantation process probably had something to do with it.

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“Pretty unbelievable,” Annie said.

Reflecting on the entire experience, Annie was grateful for it all.

“We were just trying to get at least one baby, so we’re just so excited to be taking all four of them home, and that they’re all healthy,” she shared.

The Johnstons now have the beautiful family they always wanted and the joy of being a parent—four times over!

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