Biker walks into grocery store & taps on lady’s shoulder—after a few words, he’s left in tears

In the Western Michigan town of Greenville, the motorcycle club “The Chosen Ones” went patrolling through a local grocery store one day. Instead of intimidating the shoppers, though, they were out looking to do some good—and hopefully give some families a Christmas surprise they wouldn’t forget soon.

Club member “Bear” Cook explained to Fox 17 that the club had brought $2,000 worth of shopping funds with them to the local Meijer, ensuring they spread the money as far as they could by purchasing 40 $50 gift cards for the store.

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Then, they patrolled the aisles and looked for shoppers who seemed like they needed a little extra help this holiday season—and gave it to them.

The club made sure that families were able to buy their meals for the holidays, which is a huge relief for a number of homes across America.

©Video Screenshot | Fox17
©Video Screenshot | Fox17

“It’s been amazing,” admitted Cook, thinking back on the families that they had already helped when the story broke. “At least two of the families, I tapped on their shoulder and said ‘please don’t make me cry’—and it happened.”

Money can become especially tight when there are relatives visiting and presents to buy for children, and even the simplest things—like food shopping—become stressful events that aren’t always financially possible. Families have to make incredibly tough choices when it comes to what meal they can afford to buy or the privilege of getting presents, even when they work one or two full-time jobs.

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That was definitely the case for mom Jessica Reway, who was someone from one of the families given one of the gift cards.

“It’s amazing,” she explained. She had just realized that money would be particularly tight this year due to bills, and plans to use her gift card to finish up grocery shopping and buy some additional Christmas gifts.

“It’s great to see that there are people out there that are paying it forward and what they can do.”

She wasn’t alone, either.

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Fellow mom Tara Williams also admitted that the money was a huge help, and hopes she can do something similar in the future.

“This guy came up to me and gave me a $50 Meijer gift card to help pay for groceries and Christmas presents,” she explained. “Hopefully I can pay it forward someday to help other people.”

It may seem surprising that a motorcycle club is getting involved in their community like this, but that’s the entire goal of The Chosen Ones.

©Video Screenshot | Fox17

Cook explained to Fox 17 that many of their members specifically choose to join The Chosen Ones in their area because of the strong community-service-based mission statement they live by. Their goal, he revealed, was to help out as many people in their area as they can.

Not only have they done this surprise food run for people, they’ve also collected toys, and even did a backpack drive for students in the Greenville area. They’re listed as a 501(c) non-profit organization for all of the work that they do, helping them team up with others to do good.

Check out this awesome biker initiative in the video below:

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