South Korean barista creates amazing artwork in lattes—from colorful paintings to Disney characters!

Our day-to-day job can become an art form when we really have a passion for it—whether it be cooking, selling ads or simply serving coffee. This young Korean barista has taken his job of pouring lattes to the next level, taking this simple art form and breaking new boundaries!

Lattes are very hip to drink these days, and it has become fashionable to hang out with a few friends at the local coffee shop to chat and sip this frothy milk-and-coffee beverage.

We all know how some baristas have become quite adept at pouring exquisite patterns into the foamy surface of a latte. Now, this talented young barista, Lee Kang Bin from South Korea has taken this art form to a whole new level, introducing color and the most wonderful imagery—from famous paintings to Disney characters to cars—onto the foamy surface of your coffee.

“I wanted to surpass the limitations of traditional latte art by introducing colors and a wider range of designs,” Lee told Perfect Daily Grind. “I think it’d be a great addition to the art bar section of the WLAC (World Latte Art Championship), and I hope to breath new life into an otherwise isolated path in the industry.”

Latte art mainly has two forms: free pouring and etching. Free pouring is made by pouring steamed milk into a cup of espresso, creating a pattern or design with the microfoam on the surface of the coffee.

Etching involves using a tool to create a pattern or drawing after the pour. It can create detailed pictures such as scenery, paintings or nearly any image you can think of.

Latte art popularity is rapidly growing in South Korea. The 2015 WLAC champion was Korean-born latte barista, Caleb Cha, who represented Australia. Last year, Um Paul of South Korea won the 2016 WLAC. This year, the young barista, Lee Kang Bin led the latte trend in an amazingly new creative direction: colorful latte art.

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Mastering the etching style of latte art, Lee can turn a cup of latte into almost any image. With a delicate metal rod and a palette of food dyes, Lee has become one of the baristas who is leading the very colorful trend in South Korea.

His art has attracted much attention from South Korean baristas, with many starting to learn from him. He has also garnered tens of thousands of fans on Instagram with his innovative new style.

Photo credit: Instagram | Lee Kang Bin

See how Lee makes this impressive rose: