These 5 Indian teas will not only add flavor to your kitchen they will also lead to healthy body and mind

Tea has its very own life in India. It has been treasured for generations as a healthy drink that provides a sense of calm and a feeling of warmth. Indian tea varieties also have a world of health benefits. Not only do most of them help improve digestion, they are also anti-inflammatory and have antioxidant properties.

In fact, India happens to be one of the top tea-consuming countries and the world’s second largest exporter of tea.

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In short, there’s no reason for you not to sample these tea varieties right away!

Assam Tea


This is a full-bodied, malty flavored tea. Mostly consumed as a breakfast tea, it is best served without milk or any kind of sweetener. It prevents ovarian and lung cancer and increases mental alertness.

Darjeeling Tea

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Black, green, oolong, white, or yellow, Darjeeling tea is delicious in flavor and fragrance. It is not strong, so people with mild palates will really enjoy this. It soothes your senses, and has anti-obesity qualities as well! It can also prevent the formation of gastric ulcers.

Nilgiri Tea


Nilgiri Tea is most popular for its beautiful aroma. As the name suggests, it comes from the Western Ghats. This very famous tea is used for preventing diabetes. It also helps in weight management and aiding in dental hygiene.

Dooars and Terai Tea


Dooars and Terai produce 226 million kilograms of tea annually, and this accounts for 25% of India’s tea crop. Dooars tea is strong, black, and clear. The first flush is bright and fragrant, while the second flush is stronger. It is good for your immune system. Terai tea is spicy and a little sweet. It is also known to induce a rush of energy.

Karnataka Tea


Karnataka is popular for its coffee, but it also produces 5 million kilograms of tea every year. It is one of the best tea’s in India thanks to Coorg’s clear and refreshing climate all the year round. The tea from this land is golden and of medium strength. It is a balanced and robust tea that will perk you up in an instant!

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