This design on the floor has left netizens gobsmacked—can you recognize what it’s made of?

Here’s a creative use for the average penny. A DIY enthusiast renovated her room floor with 13,000 pennies. It took her a few months, but the stunning end result of the tedious project was surely worth every penny!

An ingenious mosaic comprised of pennies was shared on Imgur by Tonya Tooners, who decorated her floor with over 13,000 pennies.

The cost-saving floor renovation involved three $50 bags of pennies from the bank, and “10 bottles of Elmer’s glue, some grout I found in my basement, and some damn expensive epoxy (~$150), a tub of wood filler because plywood is holey and pennies are small, and a few pieces of wood,” she wrote.

Tooners started in the center of the room by gluing pennies to the floor in the shape of small squares, each comprised of 16 pennies. Using dark pennies and shiny ones, she was able to form different patterns.

“Working toward the second corner,” she wrote. “You can see my bowls of sorted pennies. The big silver bowl in the back are the ones that were in the gray area between shiny and dark. I later used those too.”

After Tooners ran out of dark pennies, she had to think of a way to turn her shiny ones dark so she could continue her contrasting floor mosaic.

“Here’s where I started realizing that there were not going to be enough dark pennies,” she explained. “Bought some liver of sulphur to turn them a blue-purple-black color. Since there was suddenly a new shade I had to go back through the pennies I had already laid and pry up some of the naturally tarnished ones and replace them.”

After the creative but tedious job of placing and gluing all 13,000 coins to the floor, Tooners applied a layer of epoxy to coat the lot.

Upon closer inspection, one may notice there’s more to it than first glance. “You can see the pennies alternate heads/tails and all face the same direction because I’m crazy and I hate myself,” she said humorously.


And there you have it—an attractive penny mosaic that, apart from the elbow grease, is great for anyone on a budget. The best part about it is it’s all DIY, and Tooners can now enjoy the fruits of her labor.

Photo credit: Imgur | TonyaTooners.