True love: Husband works overtime to take wife on a trip to Europe for their 5th anniversary

What seemed like just another morning turned out to be a surprise and a half! Wait till you learn about the well-thought-out anniversary gift a husband planned for his other half, and her wonderstruck reaction at realizing he’s not joking, as captured in this homemade clip.

“You actually don’t have to go to work today,” he tells her, after she pokes her tongue out at him.

She smiles off his comment; perhaps he’s a bit of a jokester around the house.

“I’m not going to work either,” he adds. She pauses.

Handing her 20 euros, he tells her he’s being absolutely serious. This isn’t a ploy.

There’s a reason why he’s worked “boatloads of overtime,” and it’s only just registered with her as he unveils his wonderful plan for their 5-year anniversary.

“This isn’t good I’m shaking,” he says, as his touched wife lunges in for an embrace. She’s in tears, and he most likely is too.

Wow, this is one feel-good clip you don’t want to miss. It does set the bar higher for husbands though, doesn’t it?

Video Credit: YouTube | DPinthapeg

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