Two resourceful young men build a primitive well in the forest complete with filtration system

If you have ever wondered where ancient civilizations got their clean, fresh underground water, then this video is the answer to your curiosity.

These two men will show you how to make a primitive well complete with a filtration system in the forest. First, they dig a circular hole, shoulder-deep, in the ground. After that, they place brick after brick on top of each other at the side of the well. After the small wall is done, the pair makes a bucket out of a tree’s stump by burning its top until a hole deep enough to be filled with water is formed.

It’s time for the filtration system. Using bricks again, the pair makes a big two-leveled, square container wherein the second level is filled with filters like sands, charcoal, and rocks to filter the water that will be poured into it. The filtered water, then, streams down into the lower level, clean and crystal clear.

To make it easier for them to get water from the well, they build a lever and tie a bucket on a rope at one of the lever’s ends that’s directly above the well’s mouth.

Come to think of it, this one is easy to build. Watch the video to see its step-by-step process.

Video Credit: Facebook | Blunt Kommunity.

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