Vet can’t pay for baby’s food. A poor woman overhears everything and steps in to make an offer

You may have come across the “Support Our Troops” bumper stickers. But, if shoppers encounter a veteran struggling to buy items for his baby, will they really support him, and jump in to help? That’s what one TV show was trying to investigate. The result…? Well, you’ll be amazed!

In one episode of ABC’s “What Would You Do,” actors Ryan and Lorraine were hired to play the roles of a soldier and a cashier at a San Antonio’s La Fiesta supermarket.

This social experiment was set out in San Antonio—one of America’s largest military populations—and was aimed to capture how strangers would react to a struggling veteran, using a hidden camera.

In the video, the veteran is standing in the checkout line, paying for his groceries, which consists of food, baby formula, and diapers.

Just then, a lady queues up behind the veteran.

The lady gasps as she overhears the cashier say: “I’m sorry, Sir. It’s declined. Do you have cash?”

The veteran explains how tight things have been, and tells the cashier he’ll forgo the pack of beer.

But even minus the beer, he still hasn’t got enough to pay for his items.

What will this lady do?

Learning that the veteran is short of $8, the lady says, “I’ll take it,” but emphasizes, “Not the beer.”

The lady, who runs a food pantry, says to the veteran: “You come see me. We’ll take care of you … and the baby.”

When host John Quiñones reveals the secret plot, the lady tells him why she was willing to chip in, “We should be taking care of our military.”

It turned out the lady wasn’t the only one who reached out to the veteran.

In other separate scenarios, testing what other people would do, the man below is seen stepping in to take care of the balance also.

And another woman too.

In another scene, a generous man gives a $20 note to the cashier to pay for the difference. He says to the cashier, “Give him the change back.”

“One day at a time, buddy. It’ll get better,” the generous man advises the veteran.

Even a poor woman tells the cashier: “Excuse me, madam. I’ve got the three dollars if you can spare him fifty cents.”

Although the poor woman doesn’t have enough money herself, she rallies to his aid, stating the reason as being “I have the love of God in me.”

Another man, who scrapped metal that morning to pay for his groceries, approaches the veteran, and says, “I’ll give you two dollars so you can get the baby food, alright?”

“Generosity from those who can barely afford it themselves,” host Quiñones says.

But that’s not all…

Another woman, Cecilia, hands the cashier her credit card to pay for the entire bill—including his pack of beer.

“If I can earn a living, I’m going to help my fellow human beings,” she explains.

Are you touched by the generosity of these ordinary American citizens?

So, next time you come across a situation where you see someone in need, perhaps you too can reach out and help someone, just like how these kindhearted people did.

Watch the video:

Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot | What Would You Do?.

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