Widower sold house in 1980s. Years later, he learned of time capsule ‘hidden’ inside the walls

Cherish your loved ones, because life doesn’t always go as planned. It’s an important lesson this 79-year-old Arizona man learned and was reminded about when a contractor accidentally discovered a time capsule hidden by his late wife.

In 2014, contractor John Murray and his team of builders were tearing down the walls of a 1950s four-bedroom North Phoenix home when they unexpectedly unearthed a partially opened time capsule.

“It was on the floor over there with a pile of insulation…We’ve done hundreds of houses but never found anything like this,” John told KPNX 12 News.

Hidden behind the walls and insulation were an old photograph of a family of four and a handwritten letter.

“This time capsule is being buried September 27th, 1966…” the letter, written by the then 33-year-old Betty Klug, read.

In the letter, Betty wrote about the current political situation and pop culture at that time.

“The Vietnam War is still going on. Racial situation very serious. Boys have long hair resulting from the Beatles craze,” Betty wrote.

“Lyndon Johnson is president. We are hopeful that the Republicans will be in office when this time capsule is recovered,” she wrote in another section.

John’s discovery soon made news on KPNX. The station also helped the contractor track down the intended recipient of the letter, Betty’s husband—79-year-old Bruce Klug.

When Bruce, now living in Scottsdale, Arizona, received the time capsule from John, he realized the date written on the letter—Sept. 27, 1966—was the day he celebrated his 31st birthday.

Tragically, 10 years after Betty buried the time capsule, she died in a car crash.

Though Betty’s demise hit him hard, he hardly had time to grieve.

“I don’t know how I did it—went back to work within a week,” Bruce recalled as he fought back tears. “We had the best marriage. Not once did we argue about anything.”

Bruce sold his North Phoenix house in the 1980s, and he had no idea his wife left behind the time capsule until John discovered it.

Fond memories came flooding back as Bruce read through the letter. He chuckled over the notes his wife made.

“I enjoyed it. Thanks. It’s been an awesome experience for sure,” Bruce said.

Bruce said Betty’s time capsule can teach us an important lesson—that is to value the ones we love because life doesn’t always go as planned.

John, who was moved by Bruce’s story, had also taken his lesson to heart. He said, “Wow, I think I’m just going to value things a little bit differently.”

Time waits for no one, that’s for sure. People always say to seize the moment and make the most of the time you have now. In the hustle and bustle of daily life, we often forget to treasure what we do have. Perhaps we should take a minute or two today to let somebody we love know how much we care about and appreciate them.

Photo credit: Video Screenshot | NBC News.

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