Woman opens her mailbox one day. But she gets a jolt upon seeing ‘two red eyes’ looking at her

We might jump out of our skin if we were to find an animal in our mailbox instead of a letter. Fortunately for one woman in Kansas, she didn’t get a bad scare—for she found something adorable inside her mailbox, albeit a little disconcerted.

A rural Lyon County resident was checking her mailbox one day in April 2017 when she came face to face with an animal inside—one that definitely should be in a loving home.

It was a cute brown-and-white guinea pig!

The poor guinea pig was left inside the mailbox without any food or water. The woman who found her immediately contacted the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office for help. The authorities arrived promptly to collect her and took her to the Emporia Animal Shelter.

Due to its very red eyes, the staff at the animal shelter lovingly named the guinea pig “Rosita.” A medical examination by a local vet showed that the young adult guinea pig was healthy.

It was initially thought that Rosita might have gotten lost and ended up in the mailbox herself if she wasn’t abandoned.

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An investigation led authorities to confirm that Rosita was purposely abandoned in the mailbox by a 17-year-old girl. She was charged with three counts of animal cruelty. The sheriff’s office said that an 18-year-old female would also be charged.

Besides the abandonment of Rosita, authorities also found that two more guinea pigs were released into the woods. Attempts to find them were unsuccessful.

But for Rosita, she has a forever home at the shelter.

“The guinea pig, affectionately named Rosita by the Emporia Animal Shelter staff, is still at the animal shelter as per Kansas Law. After 21 days, Rosita could be adopted out but we are told that the Friends of the Emporia Animal Shelter want to sponsor Rosita and take care of it there at the shelter,” KTEN reported.

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Hank is the most adorable piggy I’ve ever seen 😉 He seems so full of life, happy and very content 🐽