Woman reunites with stranger 22 years after he found her dumped in telephone box

A woman who was dumped in a telephone box as a baby was finally reunited with the kind-hearted stranger who found her and called the police at the time. It was an emotional reunion for both of them after searching for each other for two decades.

Kiran Sheikh from London was dumped by her mother in the middle of the night on April 30, 1994, just two hours after she was born. She was discovered by a man, Joe Campbell, who found her when he was about to use the phone box. He called the police and made sure she was taken to the hospital.

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Sheikh was adopted later, and it was after she was adopted that the police found her birth mother, who had given birth to her eighth child. She had never met her mother, who was in a violent relationship with her father. After giving birth to Sheikh, she took her to the phone box and called the Samaritans, begging them to help her child.

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But Campbell found her first. “When I saw it was a little baby, I called 999, and the police came, and the ambulance came, and that’s when I found out she was just about two hours old,” he said on ITV’s Good Morning Britain in 2016, when both of them appeared to talk about their reunion.

He tried keeping in contact with her by sending her gifts, letters, and birthday cards. “I asked if I could keep in contact, I was told no, that’s not possible. I asked if I could find out how she was doing, and I was told no, that’s not possible,” Campbell said.

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Social services later told him to cut off all ties with Sheikh, which he promptly did, but he didn’t give up hope of finding her someday.

“He had done so much for me. It said in my file he gave me presents, he sent me cards and I never received anything, but he did. I needed to thank him somehow,” Sheikh said.

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Having found Sheikh, Campbell said, “It was one of the happiest days of my life because I never stopped looking for her. I was always hopeful that someday, somehow I would find her before I finally part this world.”

“She is my family. I told her you’ve got siblings. Ok, we’re not blood-related but it’s like we are,” he added.

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As for Sheikh’s mom, she hopes that she will contact her some day. “I’m sure she knows who I am. She does know my name and everything, so if she does see this, just get in contact with the show or anyway, just get in contact. I’m not angry. She wrote me a letter saying sorry.”

“I forgive her. I hope she doesn’t feel bad or anything. I would just love to meet her,” she added.

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