Woman sees freezing homeless man in 18-degree cold—with tears in her eyes, she rushes to store

A woman was in her car when she saw a man wearing but a jumper, shivering outside in the freezing weather by the roadside. She knew she had to help, and rushed to get something for him. When he saw her approach him with a warm gift in her hands, he was most appreciative, and put his two hands together to say a big thank you.

Christina Calvo was driving down Meriden road in Waterbury, Connecticut, when she saw a man shivering because he had no coat on. Seeing that it was 18 degrees Fahrenheit (about -8 degrees Celsius) outside, she “started to cry for him,” she wrote on Facebook.

With the thought that “nobody should ever be without a coat in this weather,” Calvo quickly drove to Burlington Coat Factory and “bought the warmest coat I could find,” before she “sped back in hopes he was still there.” Fortunately, the man was still at the same spot.

In a video Calvo uploaded to Facebook, she walks towards the man showing him the coat she had just bought for him.

“He was so thankful for it. I put it on him and zipped it up gave him a hug and wished him a merry Christmas,” Calvo wrote.

“The minute I saw his reaction. It just filled my heart,” she described her feelings to WTNH.

In less than a week, the video was viewed nearly 3 million times with many praising her actions.

“I can’t even wrap my mind around how many that really is,” she said. “But, I know it’s reached people from around the world. I’ve been getting messages from all different countries, all different languages, and it’s just been so surreal.”

Calvo added that she did not post the video to attract attention.

“The reason I posted it was because I wanted other people to be inspired to do something nice for somebody,” she said.

After her video went viral, Burlington Coat Factory got in contact with her and told her to choose a charity organization for them to sponsor.

The reason? Because her “act of kindness is a perfect example” of “Warm Coats & Warm Hearts Coat Drive,” one of the organization’s initiatives in “keeping those in need warm within our local communities.”

“As our thank you, we would like to donate 500 new coats in your honor to a non-profit organization of your choice,” the organization wrote to Calvo.

Calvo already has some charities in mind.

“I wanted to keep the coats in the Waterbury area so I chose Acts4Ministry to receive some of them, I chose The Spanish Coalition—both of those groups are taking care of all of the people from Puerto Rico from the hurricane, and St. Vincent de Paul soup kitchen who feed meals to the homeless and see people with no coats,” she said.

She added that she hopes her children will learn the importance of being kind to others, and to also learn from her example.

Watch the heartwarming video below:

Photo Credit: Facebook | Christina Calvo.

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