Worried child ‘donates’ $3 to Trump. Surprisingly, 9 months later he receives a huge envelope

Wondering how the U.S. President Donald Trump would pay for his bills and food with only US$1 as his salary, this 9-year-old Tennessee boy decided to help him.

Eli’sha Davies from Crossville in East Tennessee sent a letter to the president in January with three $1 bills after he heard from his parents that Trump only takes a salary of US$1 (his campaign promise).

“I thought how is he going to eat or drink or you know pay, if he needs to pay his water bill or anything,” Eli’sha told WBIR.

Though $3 may seem like nothing to most people, it was quite a lot of money for a young child who was saving up to buy a mandolin. But when Eli’sha told his mom, Melissa, what he was going to do, she wasn’t surprised at all.

“My first impression was like, ‘You’re going to give your money away again,’ cause he’s been trying to save it up for a mandolin but at the same time, I was like, I don’t want to discourage his generosity, and I think it’s sweet,” Melissa said.

The letter carrying the $3 bills was mailed to the president, and after that, the family had completely forgotten about it. But nine months later, Eli’sha received a huge envelope from the president, containing a picture of President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, and also the “donated” $3.

In the letter, Trump told Eli’sha to think of ways to make a difference in his community using the money and also to “think big and dream even bigger!”

“He sent it back so I guess he didn’t need it after all,” Eli’sha said. “I think I’m going to save it,” he added.

“It was very simple, to the point, but at the same time, just coming from the president makes it, I don’t know, just wonderful,” Melissa said.

“Elisha has a big heart. He’s very conscientious and empathetic. I just hope that never changes,” his mom added.

To receive a personal letter from the president is indeed a surprising thing but a bigger surprise was yet to come.

After Eli’sha’s story was broadcasted, it caught the attention of John Wildeman in Punta Gorda, Florida, who is the president of the Young Musicians Education Foundation Inc. The charity bought Eli’sha a mandolin so he could practice, including strings, picks, a tuner, and a chord chart.

Now with a new mandolin, little Eli’sha is deciding what to do with his money. “Well I just want to be a blessing to everyone,” he said.

Watch the video below:

Photo Credit: YouTube | WBIR.