Your favorite hairstyle may reveal something special about your personality—check it out here

There are all sorts of hairstyles out there, and there may be a reason why certain styles are favored over others by different women. A woman’s hairstyle is believed by some to be an extension of her personality, and that may have some truth to it. So, whilst we’ve selected a few common hairstyles and what they may reveal, do take it with a pinch of salt.

Some women like to change their hairstyles often; others may just be happy with how they have it. Whilst some hairstyles are an expression of oneself, or a fashion statement, others are just for practicality. Then of course, a special occasion may call for a special hairstyle.

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Throughout history, hairstyles have also come to determine a woman’s social class. Upper-class women wore complex hairstyles that required several people to fix up, a privilege only the wealthy could afford. Middle-class women tended to go for a natural look that looked healthy and pretty, while working-class women would’ve opted for simple and practical styles. Though nowadays, this has changed somewhat.

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Hairstyles also differ for women of different cultural backgrounds. Nevertheless, in modern-day society, women with all sorts of hairstyles can be found.

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Interestingly, a given hairstyle may reveal something about a woman’s personality. The following hairstyles are four typical styles that may say something about your personality.


You are an interesting person and good at communication. You are creative and often look for novel feelings, yet you attend to details with a sincere grace. You are kind to people and often put others before yourself. You always try to help others.

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Short and styled hair

You are a social and self-assured person. But at the same time, you are also romantic while single-minded as well. This haircut can be both fashionable and elegant. You have a lot of friends and like to spend time with your family.

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If you like to wear a ponytail, it may indicate that you are a serious person and balance an efficient and low-key demeanor with a classical style. Because one can wear a ponytail in different ways and occasions, wearing a ponytail tells people that you are ready to conquer everything. You pay attention to details so you can achieve at work. You care much about others’ opinions of you, and are picky about your environment.


Classic bun

Wearing a bun exudes an elegant and sophisticated air. You are proud of yourself and work hard to achieve your goals. You are a composed woman who balances a confident posture with an elegant femininity. You may be firm, but maintain a feminine softness and sensitivity. The hairstyle shows a touch of seriousness and versatility in you.


So, did you identify with any of the descriptions above?

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