2-year-old girl raids Prince Harry’s popcorn in broad daylight, and gets caught in the act!

It looked like this crafty toddler had no idea she was sitting next to royalty. She sneakily helped herself to Prince Harry’s popcorn, until she was caught red-handed by the playful prince—and then the games began!

At the Invictus Games in Toronto, Canada, on Wednesday night, Prince Harry was sitting next to Dave Henson’s wife, Hayley, and daughter, Emily. Henson is the former captain of the U.K. Invictus Games team.

Invictus Games is a Paralympic-style sporting event initiated by Prince Harry in 2014 for wounded service personnel.

Emily, who was sitting in Hayley’s lap, apparently didn’t seem to care much about the prince’s royal status—she just wanted popcorn!

While Prince Harry was engaged in a conversation with the man seated next to him, 2-year-old Emily secretly dug into the prince’s buttery popcorn, stealing several handfuls right in broad daylight, before proceeding to stuff her face.

The secretive act continued for a minute or two, before the prince finally noticed a little hand reach forth.

And the prince’s reaction was priceless. Initially, he was playing “no, you can’t have it” with Emily, pulling his bucket of popcorn away from the popcorn-hungry tot.

Then, the playful nobleman pretended to give Emily the snack, but ended up eating it himself!

The hammy prince continued to clown around with his new 2-year-old friend by making funny faces and sticking out his tongue.

During one point in the light-hearted interaction, Emily was seemingly ignored, and shook her head before turning away from the mischievous prince.

It looked as if the toddler couldn’t keep up with Prince Harry, who seemed even “naughtier” than she is!

By the end, the prince managed to win Emily over as the cute infant stuck her bottom lip out and leaned on his knee to watch the U.K. vs. Denmark volleyball game.

Prince Harry told Good Morning America host Robin Roberts that he “adore kids,” and “can’t wait for the day” he is a father. Until that day comes, he’s now enjoying his role as a “fun uncle” to Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

The prince is also godfather to six of his friends’ children. He told The Telegraph that the key to being a good godfather is “to be able to grow up, but also be able to stay in touch with your childhood side.”

The footage of this adorable interaction soon went viral.

“Innocence personified..what an adorable gesture, only a child could get away with that,” one Twitter user wrote.

“H.R.H. Prince Harry is a True Testament to Our Royal Family, A Sincere, Humble & Truly Caring Man. Thank You Sir,” another commented.

Watch the video: