3 lakh Indian youth to be sent to Japan! Know why!

The world might have advanced technologically but third world countries like India are still a little behind in the race. The lag can be attributed to the lack of skilled employees in the country and the government has taken a very ambitious step to tackle it!

Credit: The Indian Express

In partnership with the government of Japan, our country will send 3 lakh youth to the East Asian nation. The project that will last 3-5 years is great initiative towards skills development.

The financial expenses for the ‘Technical Intern Training Program’ (TITP) will be taken care by the Japanese government.

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According to a report by the Times of India, Dharmendra Pradhan, the skill development and entrepreneurship minister has said that the project has been approved by the Union cabinet and will be signed during their three day trip to Tokyo.

Credit: Twitter

‘Each skilled youth going there will have a tenure of 3-5 years. These youth will work in the Japanese ecosystem and get employment opportunities there along with accommodation facility,’ he said in the media report.

He added that the selection will be done in a transparent manner according to the Japanese requirements. He believes the program will strengthen the relationship between the countries and the knowledge gained by the selected ones will help in India’s development.

Thumbnail Credit: Deccan Chronicle