Coastguard helicopter was in flight training. Suddenly they saw ‘something’ struggling in sea

A cockapoo was rescued by a coastguard helicopter in training after it was swept out to sea on the coast of Scotland’s northeastern shore.

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Around 10.45 a.m. on Oct. 15, 2017, a member of the public in the village of Cummingston reported to the U.K. Coastguard that a dog had been swept out to sea. The HM Coastguard Rescue Team posted on their Facebook page: “an emergency call was made reporting a dog which had ran into the water and started swimming out to sea near Cumminston [sic], Moray.”

The dog was spotted struggling in the icy North Sea on the rugged coastline of Moray Firth, Scotland.

Fortunately, the Inverness Coastguard helicopter was in flight training in the area, and they were able to locate the drowning cockapoo.

©Video Screenshot | Scotsman

Moray inshore lifeboat based at Findhorn was sent immediately to where the petrified dog was found struggling against the current. The crew rushed out to save the drowning dog and succeeded just in the nick of time. The pet was in the water for 40 minutes.

©Video Screenshot | Scotsman

A MCA spokesman said: “They pulled the dog onto the boat and returned it to its owners who were waiting on shore with the Burghead coastguard rescue team.”

The Facebook post stated: “The dog was rescued, exhausted and having nearly drowned, and taken back into harbour where the crew and Coastguard Officers provided first aid until the owner could arrange to attend a local vet.”

“In a few minutes the rescue was over and the coastguard helicopter returned to its Sunday training session,” the MCA spokesperson continued.

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