Elderly man trapped for a MONTH in elevator found dead—he pushed the emergency button twice!

For nearly a month, this Denver pensioner had been missing. It was only after residents at the Woodstream Village apartments reported a foul smell coming from the parking garage that his body was discovered in an inoperable elevator.

The elderly man had been trapped in the elevator for almost a month, from July 6 to Aug. 2, possibly due to his dementia. Now, a criminal investigation has determined that he had pushed the emergency button twice, but with no response from either the elevator management company or the apartment management.

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Apparently, two of the three elevators were checked, but not the third where the man was trapped, which was not in service at the time because it was located in an area of the building that was undergoing renovations, according to 7 News Denver.

Police are now trying to determine what happened.

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Isaak Komisarchik, 82, who had early-onset dementia, was last seen wearing grey pajamas on July 5 at around 2 p.m.

“He actually walked to the mailbox to pick up the mail and to the office to get some things from there and then he just disappeared,” his daughter, Yelena, told 9 News.

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After Isaac had been reported missing, firefighters searched five ponds for a body near Woodstream in case he had gone on a walk outside, gotten disoriented due to his condition, and fallen in.

According to Denver Fire Department spokesman Captain Greg Pixley, they were not notified of the inoperable elevator. The last elevator inspection in December 2016, however, found it to be functional.

CBS Denver

Police spokesman Doug Schepman said Komisarchik had pushed the emergency button at least twice on July 6.

The button did trigger a signal to the elevator management company, MEI Total Elevator Solutions, who then notified the apartment managers, Greystar Management Services.

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“[S]taff did check two elevators in response to the notification but not the inoperable elevator, in which his body was found,” Schepman told CNN.

Greystar Management Services said they are currently probing into the incident along with local authorities.