Fierce lion spreads terror in Gujarat village streets, kills cow, people escape to rooftops!

Human beings have time and again encroached upon wild habitat for their own benefit and It was about time that animals started returning the ‘favour’. In a horrifying incident that happened in the country, a lioness entered a village in Gujarat while the inhabitants took to the roofs to save themselves!

Inhabitants of Virpur-Gadhia village, Gujarat were in for a shock when a lioness walked into their streets in broad daylight. The villagers, perched on the roofs of their houses shot a video of the lone animal creating terror.

Credit: Times Of India

Though the people saved themselves, a poor cow lost its life in the process. It became a meal for the lioness who feasted on its flesh. The captured video shows the beast crouched on the street devouring the day’s hunt. She only stops eating when a mini truck is used to shoo her away.

Credit: NDTV

The roads were lined with people curious to see the animal but to everyone’s horror, the lioness came towards them. However, without charging at anyone, she headed back into the forest leaving a spine-chilling memory on the minds of the onlookers.

It wasn’t the end, the lioness returned at nightfall to finish what was left from the hunt.

Credit: Pixabay (Representational image)

The incident that happened in December last year is an eye opener for mankind. More and more instances of animals entering human settlements have been making news recently. With human race expanding at a staggering rate we have left very little for the millions of other species that inhabit this planet!