Wife gets carjacked at gunpoint. Hearing her chilling words over Bluetooth husband hangs up the phone

This woman can count her lucky stars that she was using Bluetooth to talk to her husband at the time she was abducted. She was held at gunpoint by a man and forced to drive to two ATMs while he threatened her life.

At around 5:30 p.m., Tuesday, Priscilla Cercone, 49, was checking the mail outside her Hollywood Florida home when she was startled by a man, who approached her at gunpoint.

He ordered her to drive him to the bank and threatened to shoot her if she did not comply. According to ABC news, she was using Bluetooth wireless communication speaking with her husband at the time, and he had heard everything.

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“He has a gun pointed at me and he says, ‘If you don’t do what I say, I’ll kill you,’” Cercone said, describing what happened to police.

The man, Bernard Owens, 21, forced Cercone to drive him to two ATMs. He wanted to withdraw as much cash as he could, Hollywood police stated.

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Fortunately, Cercone’s husband could hear every word being spoken and he decided to hang up in order to call 9-1-1, a decision that may have saved her life.

Police said Owens ordered Cercone to drive back to her home as he was not satisfied with the $400 she gave him.

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As she drove into her neighborhood, Hollywood police were already there. Cercone leaped out of her moving car when she saw police and, luckily, escaped injury.

“When she gets to the residence, the car is still in drive, the police cars are there with him screaming in the back and [officers] placed him into custody,” Detective Christopher Doyle said.

Officers found Owens with Cercone’s cellphone and about $600 in cash. A handgun was also recovered near the scene after Owen attempted to get rid of it whilst trying to escape, police said.

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Video Screenshot | Local10

“Always carry your phone. Always carry somebody on your ear,” said Cercone.

“Wherever you go, tell them where you’re going, because sometimes you believe that nobody has to know what you do and nobody has to know where you’re going and doing or your decisions in life, but you always need somebody to know where you are.”

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Owens appeared in court on Wednesday and is being held in custody without bail.

Owens has been charged with armed robbery and kidnapping. Police records show that he was convicted of armed robbery in 2013.