Kid riding bike without helmet was caught by cops, what happened next will melt your hearts!

In Lucknow, on one hand, UP Police has created horror in the hearts of criminals through their clean-up operations. But, on the other hand on social media, they have a different face altogether.  A picture of a UP Policeman, consoling a crying child has gone viral on the web showing us the versatility of the modern cops. 

Credit: Twitter

The incident took place in Lucknow when a kid with no papers and no helmet rode a Pulsar motorcycle on the road. He was immediately stopped by the traffic cops and due to tension, the kid started crying profoundly.

Credit: Eenadu India

Looking at the kids state the police hugged him and told him that he will pay the fine from his own pocket. UP Police’s PRO Sachin Kaushik retweeted the initial tweet done by the cops. Later it was found that the boy’s name is Chirag.