Shocking! This drainage was loaded with 43 kg gold and 3000 kg silver! Find out how

Can you imagine flushing away millions of dollars in gold and silver? Well, it proved to be a reality in Switzerland. Unlike most places where filth blocks the sewage system, Switzerland’s sewers were found to be laden with gold, silver and other precious metals.  

Credit: Pixabay (Representational image)

43 kg gold and 3000 kg silver were detected in the drains of Switzerland which amounts to approximately 3.1 million dollars. Though it might sound like a huge amount, the precious metals were found in nanoforms.

Credit: Pexels (Representational image)

According to reports, the metals are a result of the booming watchmaking industry. Gold and silver were mainly found in abundance in the regions where watchmaking is predominant. Watchmakers adorn their precious watches with gold and silver. Usually, the dust from the carvings is flushed out.

Credit: Pexels (Representational image)

Other rare metals like gadolinium were found,  which might have been a part of the medical waste.

It is being researched whether extracting the metals would be cost effective or not. The metals in the water are being filtered out before entering the drinking water system.

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