Smart cops from Ayodhya use their Googling skills to reunite missing girl with her family!

The Internet, when it was first introduced, was hailed as the best thing to happen to mankind ever! However, as days passed and more and more people found different ways of using it and the darker side of the web came to light. People nowadays don’t refrain from talking about the negative impact of the World Wide web but at the same time are completely dependant on it! But recently the same sometimes negative-sometimes positive internet came to the aid of Ayodhya Police who found a girl her home through google! 

Representational image. Credit: Facebook | Indian Police Service

Turns out Google can not only answer all your questions but help you go back home as well! As was the case with a woman whom the Ayodhya police found recently. From what the Aajtak report mentioned, the young lady wasn’t mentally stable and couldn’t say where she came from.

Credit: Pixabay

She had a tattoo on her arm which read ‘Sukhmati’, from that the police concluded that it might be her name. The officers struggled with her case for a week! Sukhmati would write on paper but her handwriting was beyond comprehension. It was Priyanka Pandey from Faizabad women’s police station who understood the words. Sukhmati had scribbled the names ‘Basna’ and ‘Mahasamund’ on the paper. She searched those words on Google and found out that there was a village named Basna in Mahasamund district of Chattisgarh.

Credit: Pixabay

They contacted Basna police station and found that there was indeed a woman named Sukhmati who went missing in March. The police then took Sukhmati to her village where she was reunited with her family. Her mother was elated when she saw her daughter, Sukhmati’s happiness knew no bounds! She had returned home after one whole month!

Thanks to the police and Google that young Sukhmati could get back to her family!