12 heartwarming photos of grandparents meeting their grandchildren—for the first time

Few life moments show us the transience of life as beautifully as the first meeting between grandparents and their grandchildren.

As the classical Greek tragedian Euripides once said: “Our lives… are but a little while, so let them run as sweetly as you can, and give no thought to grief from day to day. For time is not concerned to keep our hopes, but hurries on its business, and is gone.”

This great quote reminds us in a poetical way about the transience of life. In the modern tempo of life, we often don’t have much time to ponder this important subject.

Witnessing a meeting between grandparents and their grandchildren take place is not only sweet, but also thought provoking. At that moment, one can understand that we are just visitors who come and go. So, here we have 12 endearing photos of grandparents seeing their grandchildren for the first time.

1. “My 87-year-old granddad met his granddaughter for the first time”

©Imgur | thoucrustybatchofnature

2. “My 3-day-old newborn son got to meet his dying grandmother yesterday. I’m so glad I have this photo to remember the occasion”

©Reddit | Mahdimuh

3. A grandmother meets her great-granddaughter for the first time. It was a surprise visit!

©Reddit | LectaAus

4. Grandmother, 92, meets her 2-day-old granddaughter for the first time


5. Grandfather meets grandson for the first time

©Reddit | breezy_jowls

6. This grandpa is a cancer survivor. This moment was the first time he’s ever been seen crying. He said: “This is why I fought for 26 years, right here. I didn’t know it before, but now I do”

©Imgur | BriefcaseTacos

7. Grandfather, 91, meets 91-day-old granddaughter


8. Grandmother, 101, holds a 13-day-old

©Reddit | elegaphant

9. Great-great-grandmother meets her 2-week-old granddaughter

©Reddit | cy_ko8

10. A first and last meeting: “24 hours after this photo my father passed on, I’m so glad he got to meet his first granddaughter”

©Reddit | Ronald-Fletcher-ESQ

11. Grandchildren can have so much fun with their grandparents

©Reddit | daddyphatsacks

12. “My grandad kept his promise to meet his great-granddaughter”

©Imgur | p33w33