3-year-old girl throws a tantrum in Walmart—watch her father’s cool, calm, & collected response

When a 3-year-old girl threw a tantrum in public one day, her father took her outside and recorded his own way in calming the child down, and in educating her at the same time.

Terel Rico Rels Crawford from Mansfield took his daughter, Ari, out of Walmart because she had a hissy fit. Outside the store in the parking lot, he placed his crying daughter on the hood of his car and just … waited…

In the video, both father and daughter are sitting on the hood. While the little one cries and screams, Crawford just looks around, keeping calm and indifferent towards his daughter’s temper tantrum. Moments later, he turns to his daughter and asks, “You done?”

Ari nods. Then, when Crawford sees she’s indeed calmed down, he starts to tell her the “rules” of shopping.

“We’re not going back into the store until you stop with your mess. If you go back in the store and you do it again, we’re coming back out here.”

“We don’t have to walk around the store with your mom. That’s a privilege,” he adds.

After talking to his daughter, he turns to his audience.

“I don’t care if you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth—don’t put one in your child’s mouth, cause this is what happens. And then, when you have to be stern, and they don’t like it cause they’re spoiled, this is what they act like.”

“This is how you get your kids to act right. You sit ’em on the car, or you sit ’em somewhere that has nothing. No beating, no yelling, no screaming.”

“I ain’t about to argue with no three-year-old … I’m Daddy. I’m grown.”

He then turns back to Ari and tells her: “Act like you have two parents at home that teach you right from wrong, you hear me?”

Minutes later, the 3-year-old is all quietened down and has demonstrated she understands her lesson. The father and daughter proceed to walk back inside the store. The father also teaches his daughter how to apologize. Soon, a smiling Ari is dancing on her dad’s shoulder happily, while he carries her back inside.

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“Being an African-American father, in general in the world, you don’t get that much credit. Being a father in the world in general, we don’t get as much credit,” Crawford said. “But I’ve always worked against that. It never mattered what I went through personally, I always wanted to be a great father to my children.”

Crawford shows us that staying calm in such situations is first and foremost, because an emotional child needs a grownup who is able to manage their emotions. So, stay calm folks!

Watch Crawford’s clip below:

Photo credit: Facebook Video Screenshot | Terrel Rico Relz Crawford.

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