4-year-old with cerebral palsy takes first steps unaided on 1st day of school

Expecting twins can be an overwhelmingly joyous and anxious time, with emotions sometimes on a roller coaster ride.

Millie Bea and Evan Ray were born in January 2014, and their parents, Natalie and Chris Hughes, from Lancashire, in the United Kingdom, knew their challenges would be big, as not only did they have twins, but little Millie was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

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This meant she would have problems with movement, or muscle tone, due to brain damage. Crawling, sitting unaided, and walking became obstacles for Millie.

Her twin, Evan, became her little bodyguard as they grew up together. Evan was always by her side, helping her out. He would make sure she had something to eat or drink, fetch her shoes, and fuss to make sure she wasn’t hurt as she endeavored to walk.

Looking after the twins lol! ????

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“They love each other very much and he’ll ask ‘are you ok Millie?’ and try and help her. When we go to the park he makes sure she has a good time and pushes her on the swing which is lovely to see,” Natalie told Metro.

“It makes me cry every time I watch that video. Evan was encouraging her, you can see his little feet in the clip and hear him ask ‘shall I get your sticks or a toy?’ It’s really sweet. It makes me really, really proud.

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“She’s come so far with all her physio and Evan always wants to help her. It’s just nice to see him be there for her and wants her to walk as much as she does.”

Last January, in London, Millie underwent selective dorsal rhizotomy (SDR), where the nerves in the lower spine are cut, allowing the corresponding muscles to relax.

Only a week to go before Millie’s life changing SDR surgery! Millie is very excited about going to London to see Dr…

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This gave her the chance to walk, and after intensive physiotherapy to strengthen her little legs, at the age of 4, on her very first day of school, she took her first steps without a walking frame or help from Mom.

With Mom and Evan beside her for every precious step she took, Millie walked into school. Other parents who stood by watching gave her encouragement too.

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The little girl is certain to be joining in with lots of activities before long.

Natalie managed to capture a video of the moment. You might need a tissue or two as you watch this courageous 4-year-old step into life on her own.

Watch the video below:

Millie wanted to walk into school on her 1st day today and guess what…SHE DID!!**Disclaimer: this content is exclusively managed by Mercury Press. To license or use this content please contact news@mercurypress.co.uk or call 0161 834 3255 **

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