5 exuberant kids freeze upon seeing their present, the most excited cries tears of joy

It’s a gift for the entire family of seven. The five kids’ reactions—after briefly freezing upon their first glance—are so diverse upon coming to terms with the wonderful present, and their celebration is all captured in this exciting home video.

In front of a chimney, a big surprise awaits these highly animated children.

The siblings know that their brother has a medical condition that makes it impossible to receive any present like this. Dejected, they abandon their first present quickly.

Luckily for them, the actual present comes straight after, presented in a large gift-wrapped box.

When they realize that this time it’s actually for real, the little ones are startled backwards.

Slowly, every child gets into his very own thrill of joy.

The “best reaction,” according to one of the parents, is at 3 minutes 24 seconds.

Video Credit: YouTube | CrazyHou5eTV.

Little girl gets the gift she’s been waiting for 7 yrs—her reaction is just out of this world