Officer finds 4 abandoned babies dead in 3 months—then, he felt the urge to put an end to this

This New York police paramedic was shattered on seeing a couple of newborn dead and abandoned babies during some of his shifts in the late 1990s. He felt that he was sent there to witness all that for an even bigger purpose, and then he took up a mission to save the lives of all these newborn babies.

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Tim Jaccard, 67, from New York runs an organization that shelters newborn babies and arranges for their adoption. But his decision to start this endeavor has a heart-wrenching story behind it. While being a paramedic at the Nassau County Police Department in the 1990s, Jaccard had to deal with four abandoned, dead babies in a span of just three months.

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They were discovered in dumpsters or toilet bowls. And being a father and a grandfather himself, Jaccard was very depressed about the terrible fate the babies met.

“To hold a newborn infant in your arms and have to pronounce that child dead is heart-wrenching. My gut feeling was that I was being sent on these particular calls to try and see what’s going on and change it. I had to stop this insanity,” he said, reports The Star.

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Jaccard decided to establish an organization that would ensure that no child will ever have such a fate. So, he set up the Baby Safe Haven Foundation, which helps expectant mothers to safely give away their children, without having to leave them to die.

His actions also saw the implementation of “safe haven” laws in all 50 U.S. states, which enables women to drop off their newborn children at police stations, fire stations, hospitals, etc. without fear of being prosecuted.

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Jaccard’s initiative has had a huge impact. As per the estimates of National Safe Haven Alliance, his organization is directly responsible for saving more than 3,300 babies from abandonment and possible death in the past 17 years.

His program has opened a new path for mothers to move forward with their lives without worrying about whether their child, which they had given up, made it or not. And on the other side, the organization helps childless couples find the joy of raising kids.

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A 42-year-old woman recounts how adopting a baby brought happiness into her life. “We always wanted a family, and having her (the child) here, when I see her smile makes everything fantastic,” she told PEOPLE.

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“He’s a constant support, not only for mothers or babies but for all of us who look up to him,” said Heather Burner, a pediatric emergency room nurse and executive director of Arizona Safe Haven Baby Foundation.

“Without him I don’t know if any program would exist.”

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