Anil Kapoor is proud of his amazing daughters and has a message for all girls in India!

There have been instances of gender discrimination in the society in our country and many times people have raised their voices to bring justice to this social problem. Women have raised their voices and today, they ask you to join along with them to fight the discrimination and bring equal opportunities for everyone in the country. 

Anil Kapoor, one of the big names in Bollywood industry has joined hands and raised his opinion to help support women get equal opportunities. Be it for work, hospital or even sports, he says he has raised two incredible women and believes girls can perform miracles and also start revolutions.

Here is a post shared by Anil Kapoor on his twitter account with the heartwarming message.

Truly a proud father!

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Women in the society should be given equal opportunities!

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The two amazing daughters he raised!

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Always been there for social causes!

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