Toddler loses teddy bear kept in memory of dead dad—then desperate plea reaches little girl

When a 3-year-old boy lost his favorite, dearest teddy bear, it was heartbreaking—for this is no ordinary teddy. So, in a bid to aid the tearful toddler in finding his beloved bear, his aunt got on social media and let the Portland locals know they should be on the lookout for a desperately missed teddy.

Nathan Higgins, 3, dropped his teddy by mistake when he was with his mom, Kelsey, at Maine Mall in Portland, Maine. Nathan always carried his teddy wherever he went, for the bear was given to him in memory of his late father, who tragically died in a car accident.

When Kelsey suddenly noticed that Nathan was not carrying his bear, she was shocked as she knew how much the teddy meant to Nathan. She later shared, “To him, it’s like the only extension he has of his dad.”

The soft, coffee-brown teddy was usually dressed in a sweater with a heart pinned on with the words “Daddy’s always here” and his dad’s name printed on it.

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Kelsey said, “when we gave it to him, we told him if you miss your dad hug the bear if you want to talk to your dad, talk to the bear.”

Nathan always refers to the bear as “Daddy Bear.” There is also a special zip pocket at the back of the bear in which some of Nathan’s dad’s ashes were going to be placed.

In an attempt to find the bear, Nathan’s aunt posted on Facebook, desperately appealing to the public that if anybody spotted the toy to please get in touch. The post was very well supported and even went viral with over 1,600 shares.

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Then one day, a dad was shopping at the mall with his 3-year-old daughter, and they saw a dark-brown teddy lying in the parking lot. He normally does not let his daughter pick such things up off the ground, but his daughter pleaded with him to let her “save” the teddy.

©Facebook | Kelsey A. Higgins

Coincidentally, the man had seen the viral post of the lost toy and realized that this was the very same bear that he had seen. He contacted Kelsey immediately and gave her the good news. The families met, and a joyful reunion ensued. Nathan hugged the girl who rescued his beloved bear, wiping away his tears with his sleeve.

©Facebook | Kelsey A. Higgins

“It’s truly incredible and heartwarming to see how many kind people there are out there,” Kelsey said. “I can’t express how relieved I am that I won’t have to worry about Nathan while I am at work tonight because I know he will have his Daddy Bear.”

It’s also comforting to know, as this heartwarming story would seem to illustrate, that the things that truly belong to us will find their way back to us in the end.

Watch the sweet video clip of Nathan’s precious teddy being returned to him:

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