Boy gets major surprise at principal’s office when parents tell him they’re adopting 5 kids

No child likes to be told to go to the principal’s office since it normally means they did something wrong. A young boy couldn’t help feel this way when he was called there, but once he realized the reason, he broke down in tears.

Ryan and Diane Potter were super excited to receive news that meant major changes to their family and couldn’t wait for their son, Rylee, to return home from school to inform him.

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So the couple decided to go straight to his school directly to deliver the news—Rylee was going to be a big brother to five brothers and sisters!

Diane isn’t pregnant though. In fact, the couple learned they received adoption approval of five young children at the same time.

When Rylee was told to go to the principal’s office, the poor young boy wondered what he had done wrong. In a video taken by Diane, Rylee can be seen hesitating outside the office until his parents told him to come in.

Just when Rylee started telling them about his day, they asked him a question: “What do you think about having some brothers and sisters?”

The unsuspecting boy said that would be great.

Diane then broke the news to him.

“You’re going to be a big brother,” Diane said.

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Rylee couldn’t believe it. His face lit up with excitement and joy, and he teared up immediately upon hearing the amazing news.

“Now I won’t have to be lonely again,” Rylee said.

He quickly embraced his mother and father, and wanted to skip off to share the good news with his classmates.

Judging by how happy Rylee was in the video, it’s easy to imagine what a great big brother he is going to be and all the love he’s going to give his new young siblings.

Watch Rylee’s reaction in the video below:


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