Daughter starts college & ignores parents’ texts for 3 days. So mom responds with epic video post

Mother of three adopted children, Nicole Walters recently sent her oldest daughter off to college and she called home on a Friday. But then the 18-year-old girl decided she wasn’t going to respond to Walters or her husband’s texts for three days, and that’s when the inventive and rightfully concerned mom decided to take some hilarious parenting action.

Walters, a 32-year-old entrepreneur, and her husband made plans with their oldest daughter a few weeks after sending her off to school, as the teen is attending a local college in Maryland and lives close enough for somewhat-regular visits.

Their daughter mysteriously vanished, though, failing to answer any of their texts for three days straight. And that’s what led to this mom’s epic response in the form of a selfie video that went viral on Facebook.

At first, Walters and her husband were worried.

When they realized their daughter was perfectly safe, though, and was just hanging “out late” with friends, they decided it was time for a lesson—to make sure their daughter knows that that’s not how it works—going “ghost” on your parents and disappearing for days on end in the first few days at college.

In an absolutely hilarious stroke of genius from the mom, Walters paid her daughter a visit on campus, filming her own reaction to the three-day disappearance in what would become a viral video showcasing the highlights of parenting a college student.

Besides threatening to print up and hand out boxes of flyers offering free pizza to students catching her daughter acting “irresponsible,” Walters explained that her daughter was not there to “learn independence” on her parents’ dime but to “get a degree.”

And the mom was tuned in to the potential backlash that she was being too controlling. She joked heartily of her own parents’ attitude toward her own education when she was growing up with the most hilarious impersonation of “African parenting.” (Check out the video below to fully appreciate this!)

She further elaborated that her adopted daughter had never known the bond of family and how that bond is not suddenly broken just because they are out of sight! Indeed, she had never known that the love of a parent lasts forever, that it transcends distance. “You don’t think I don’t know why I’m doing this?!” she exclaimed.

“She’s going to have room to make mistakes. She’s going to have space,” the mom explained. “She’s use to thinking that if an adult is not around, it’s because they don’t care.

“And I need her to understand that, when we’re not around, we still love you—hard! And we still think about you all the time.”

For the little backlash she received, most were supportive and delighted by Walters’s genius selfie video; it was hilarious and touching, and it got the point across. It also garnered well over 5.6 million views online and nearly 50,000 shares.

Needless to say, someone may be spending a bit more time in the library, taking her schooling more seriously—and texting her mom back. “Just a little light parenting,” said her mom. And it was surely for her own good!

Check out this tough-love mom’s epic response to her daughter going ghost:

Photo Credit: Facebook Video Screenshot | Nicole Walters.

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