Couple houses 4 kids over the holidays. But after 5 weeks, they break the news to family

While definitely rewarding, bringing a child into a family can be a lot of work. So, when Drew and Tammy Waltz’s friends and family members found out the couple was adopting not one or two, but four children at once, they responded with a range of emotions.

Luckily the couple caught all the reactions on camera, and they are priceless.

The couple always knew they wanted to adopt children, but never thought they’d adopt four siblings at once.

©Facebook | Tammy Shay Waltz

In the fall of 2016, the Waltzes came across a photo of a brother and a sister. The two were part of a hosting program run through Open Hearts and Open Homes for Children. The nonprofit organization arranges for children in Eastern Europe to spend five weeks over the Christmas holiday or summer with American families in hopes that they find their forever home.

They spoke with the organization about the siblings and learned they had two younger brothers as well.

“We had to pray about hosting four siblings because of many reasons, but after praying we felt so excited, and peace flooded our hearts,” Tammy wrote in a blog post. “We knew that it would be an adventurous journey!”

During Christmas in 2016 the Waltzes opened their home to the four siblings.

©Facebook | Tammy Shay Waltz

When the four children arrived in the United States, the couple’s North Carolina home was filled with love and joy. Once their five weeks were up, and the Waltzes had to bring the children to the airport, they knew that couldn’t be the last time they saw them.

Without the four children, their house seemed empty and quiet.

The following weeks were filled with tears and the following months with prayers. We missed them so deeply, but the thought of adopting four children is nothing to be taken lightly. We needed to know that it was a calling from the Lord and not an emotional response. After months of prayer, and seeking God’s will and wisdom, we knew that these precious ones belonged with us.

A few months after the children left North Carolina, the couple started to tell their family and friends they were going to adopt all four children.

The couple had loved ones record a message for the children, then surprised each one of them with the news.

The children, who do not speak English and used a translation app to communicate with the Waltzes, planned to come back for a second time during the summer. It was during this second trip that Drew and Tammy wanted to surprise the children with the news and show them the video.

“They were excited,” Tammy told ABC News. “They had been asking us for quite a bit if we were going to do it, if they were going to stay with us forever.”

The children weren’t the only ones excited and shocked about the news.

Everyone was in total disbelief.

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They were extremely happy for the couple.

Especially Grandma Mags. She just found out she was going to be a great-grandmother.

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The couple is currently in the middle of the long and expensive adoption process. They’re in the process of fundraising $52,000 in order to pay for all of the fees associated with adopting the four siblings. Although it may seem like a gigantic task, the couple isn’t worried and is ready to welcome the children into their loving home within the next few months.

“Kids are worth the work,” Tammy told TODAY Parents. “You are giving life to someone.”