Vet tragically dies in crash 8 months before Xmas—then, 2-yr-old boy finds something by grave

Along with its joys, life also brings its sorrows. Even while we celebrate a day as joyous as our festive season, it will come bittersweet for some as for this family, whose father met an untimely death. His son, nevertheless, saw the silver lining, for what he found next to his dad’s gravestone, at least he believed, was given by his dad who “flew down from heaven.”

It was a morning like all other mornings. Cody Wells kissed his wife, Danielle, and their son, Braxton, goodbye before reporting for duty with the police department. Danielle and Braxton had much to attend to during the day, too. They were a happy family and so very proud of Cody.

A little while later, when Danielle heard a knock at the door, she immediately thought Cody must have left something behind and had come home to fetch it. However, it wasn’t Cody at the door; it was two other officers.

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The two policemen were the ones who had to bear the sad tidings to the young mother. Danielle was told that Cody had been in a fatal car accident—his vehicle left the road and had hit a tree. It was instant death, and Cody was gone. His wife reeled from shock.

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In that instant, Danielle saw all their hopes and dreams for their future together shattered.

Although she was heartbroken, she was determined to keep Cody’s legacy alive for their son, Braxton. Together, they visited Cody’s grave every single day. Christmas Day arrived, and Danielle and Braxton made a special trip to visit Cody’s grave. When they got there, they saw something: Next to the grave was a Christmas present!

Although we all know Cody could not have left that present, nevertheless, when Braxton saw the gift, he believed with all his heart that his dad “flew down from heaven to surprise him.”

Danielle discovered later the present had been placed there by their friend, Chris Blake, who had designed Cody’s headstone.

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Chris was only too glad to know that Braxton was excited about his gifts and was quite happy to let Cody take the credit.

“Just to see the smile on his face meant the world to me,” Chris said.

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Cody is gone, but his legacy lives on in the hearts of all those who had the privilege to know him. It’s comforting to know there are many angels around. One just has to be like Braxton to see them!

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