Dad doing yardwork with a leaf blower. What jumps out of leaves almost gives him heart attack

One thing about kids is that they are always up to some mischief, as they are still learning about the world and exploring, and that means testing their boundaries. This often leads to some unexpected incidences for parents, however, as we’re sure this father of two sons can attest to as he was busy doing lawn chores. Poor dad; it seemed like he was gonna have a heart attack … and it seems someone had planned to catch the whole thing on video!

Whoever it was holding the video camera seemed to know what was coming. This dad was out in the yard, presumably during autumn season, and he was blowing leaves with a gas-powered leaf blower, and all seemed fine. There was a lot of work to be done, apparently, and he seemed to be blasting the leaves into a pile.

Well, that’s when the unexpected surprise happened; he was stunned when something bright orange popped out of the leaf pile as he was blasting it with powered air, and he was so taken aback that he literally stumbled backwards onto his behind.

It seems he realized what it was; it was wearing an orange hardhat and hearing protection and was only about 3 feet tall. He was probably more frightened that he might hurt the little creature with his leaf blower than anything else.

And there was more than one of the little munchkins! A second one popped out right beside the first. Dad was a bit stunned, and he quickly turned off the air.

Then he sat on the grass and watched his two toddlers leap about in the pile of leaves like a couple of bunny rabbits before getting in on the fun himself, blasting a waft of air and leaves in their direction to their pleasure.

And then all ended well. He waved his kids over, and they got a hug and a chance to check out dad’s neat power tool.

Watch the dad’s awesome reaction in the video below:

Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot | Mark Bundy.

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