Daughter saves dad’s life by donating her kidney, ‘A part of me will always be with him’

Traditional moral values teach children to take care of and repay their elderly parents for bringing them up. This young lady has fulfilled this moral duty with all her might by donating one of her kidneys to her ailing father.

About two years ago, Hailee’s father, John Stender, was diagnosed with stage-4 kidney failure. Doctors had put his name on the waiting list for organ transplant and told his family that he might only survive for over two years.

Hailee’s dad used to spend almost three days a week on dialysis, but gradually his health declined.

Eventually, 30-year-old Hailee decided to be the rightful kidney donor to save her daddy’s precious life. It is as if the heavens granted this doting daughter’s moral wish—the tests revealed that she was the perfect match for the surgery.

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On March 12 this year, the father and daughter underwent the transplant surgery at Cleveland Clinic Hospital in Ohio.

After the surgery, when Hailee saw her dad for the first time, they both couldn’t control their emotions. She gave her father a loving embrace with tears rolling down her eyes.

“No matter how much pain I was in, I would have done it every single time. I saw how much better he looked because of it. I’m connected to my dad with more than just by blood now. A part of me will always be with him,” Hailee said, reported Mirror.

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“I feel so honored I was able to help save his life,” the brave daughter added.

Post surgery, Hailee and her father are recovering well. John is being constantly monitored by doctors, and he goes for regular followup checkups.

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Hailee is the only biological daughter of her dad.

Hailee’s sister, AnaRosa, said, “She is the most selfless and admirable person I’ve ever known. She loves deeply and her willingness to donate a kidney speaks volumes to that,” reported Mirror.

“She saved our father’s life. For our family—this it’s truly life changing,” said AnaRosa.

Watch the touching video below:

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